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Death Wizard Collision

2008-10-29 20:35:38 by chrisperone

The collision should be fixed now in Death Wizard. There were some bugs with the way it was checking the collision if someone's computer lagged. Especially with the lifts and tile bridges.

Death Wizard

2008-10-28 05:05:19 by chrisperone

Finally finished Death Wizard and before Halloween. It appears there's still some collision bugs in it though, mainly from slower computers I believe that aren't updating fast enough for the collision checks. Working on a fix now that should make the collision more solid. I really need to fix my old computer so I can test games on a slower computer to make sure they work correctly on them.

New Game

2008-05-14 21:29:01 by chrisperone

Working on a new game, should be out soon.